Rare Thai Amulet 2 Heads Kumantong Protect Black Magic Spirit Evil Devil

Rare Thai Amulet 2 Heads Kumantong Protect Black Magic Spirit Evil Devil

Obama won the Presidential campaign in 2008, to some extent, which would attribute to his outstanding public speech and attractive politics. It seems the Eloquence and writing is his great talent. His every public speech can impress us with witty Quips, grant Momentum and Vitality. Some of sentences are widely read and regarded as the classic such as the popular slogan “yes, we can”. Actually, it is not simply Obama personal achievement, but the combinations of the wisdom of the whole team especially the writers behind Obama like ghost. They hardly show in public, but their speeches are always heard by public. So they are called the ghost writer in white house.

In 2008, 60 % of Obama’s supporters are young man and the middle aged, which is the same as the ghost writers. He has more than ten ghost writers in white house, but the key are two young fellows, who are out of school just few years.  One is Jon. Feiphluo, the other is Ben. Rhodes.

Jon. Feiphluo born in 1981 is the chief writer and companies Obama since 2004. Every important speech in the 2008 presidential campaign was written by him, the presidential speech in January 20th,2009 is also his masterpiece, which made him the youngest writer for presidential speech. In order to prepare the Sensational presidential speech, he spent 16 hours in front of his  taptop to research the previous presidential speeches with the Stimulation of Espresso and red bull drink, since Obama won the campaign in November 2008.

Jon. Feiphluo was treated as the key writer, not only just for his outstanding talent, but also for his hard working. He would follow Obama all round him, research his mind and words, memorize his speeches in the meetings, and even take his autobiography ”My father’s Dream” together to read. He was rewarded as the One of “Top 100 People” In TIME, as his tremendous position in white house.

Ben. Rhodes is Obama’s another key ghost writer, 30 years old, graduated from New York University in 2002, which is the only writer for diplomatic politics speeches . Nearly every diplomatic politics speech, which drew the great attention around the whole word, is written by his.

As the diplomatic politics writer, he must fathom Obama’s habit, volume and tone of speech, and also know diplomatic politics. As writer also as diplomatic consultant, he always attends the national safety conference. He is fully affirmed in the white house ghost team, as his speeches can properly reflect Obama’s personal style and diplomatic Concept. Especially He made great contribution to the successful European visit in April 2009, thus won great praise from Obama, the team and the whole world.

Actually, Obama is not the first president who has the ghost writer in white house. It began in 1920th, the first ghost writer is JiaDesen.Welliver who written speeches for President Warren. Harding and was called the Patron deity. In the earlier half 20th century, American presidents pretended to have the ghost writers to write speeches such as Franklin. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and so on.

Jon. Feiphluo and Ben. Rhodes are two of many ghost writers in white house, who directly service for Obama and make great contribution to country. Among those ghost writers, some can give suggestions for president and even have some kind of effect on the government decision. Other ghost writers who left white house have different fate. Some gain another important achievement in other career, someone become the chairman of American Movie association, someone become the Columnist of TIME, and someone become the famous full-time writer. No matter in what kind of times, the talented hard working ones would show their masterpiece at their own ways. The dream of being a great writer has been set in my heart since a 10 years old child, it is a long way to goArticle Submission, but it wouldn’t be too late no matter when you start. So I began to read the book in the online library withmy Laptop.   

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