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The Hamsa Hand (Arabic) or Hamesh Hand (Hebrew) is an ancient and a renowned lucky amulet for magical protection from the resentful or evil eyes. The term “Hamsa” or “Hamesh” means “five” and denotes the fingers of the hand.

Another Islamic name for this lucky charm is the Hand of Fatima, in reference to the daughter of Mohammed. Another Jewish name for it is the Hand of Miriam, referring to the sister of Moses and Aaron.

The Hamsa Hand appears in a two-thumbed fixture of joint symmetrical form, or in a more creative form containing only one thumb. A good archaeological proof implies that the downward-pointing protective Hamsa/Hamesh hand predates both Islam and Judaism.

However, many Hamsa Hands are lucky charms. There are certain recent Israeli Hamesh Hands made of ceramics, wherein a hand-lettered Hebrew prayer resides in the center of the palm.

Hamsa Hands, generally made of turquoise-covered ceramics are famous in modern Egypt. They represent anti-evil-eyes from Egypt.


The Menorah is the oldest symbols of the Jewish belief. This seven-branched candelabrum originated as a version of the Babylonian world tree. It is the oldest symbol of the Jewish people used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The seven arms represent the seven days of formation and the seven apparent planets. Strangely, the middle light is called as “Shamash”, which is the name of the Babylonian Sun God. It is the most significant ritual object in the Temple of Jerusalem.

At the time of rededication of the temple, in second century BC, after a Greek invasion and violation, the lamps of the Menorah burned for eight continuous days on one day’s oil.

This is the base of the nine-branched symbol or Hanukiyah with one branch for each of those eight days, along with one middle light to light the others during the Hannukah festival.

Judaica Store

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